IOP Conferences

Invited speakers

The following speakers have confirmed their participation at the Conference.

Is Nuclear Physics Research Sexy?
Jim Al-Khalili,
University of Surrey

Effective theories of nuclear forces
Michael Birse
, University of Manchester

Recent results and plans for laser spectroscopic studies of nuclei
Paul Campbell, University of Manchester

Nuclear physics at Jefferson Lab
Larry Cardman,
Jefferson Lab

Isomers and deep-inelastic reactions in the study of neutron-rich deformed nuclei
George Dracoulis, Australian National University

Evidence for a new state in 12C
Martin Freer, University of Birmingham

Hadron Physics - Recent Results and Prospects
Dave Ireland, University of Glasgow

Dave Jenkins, University of York

Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions: Recent Results and Future Plans
Peter Jones, University of Birmingham

Probing the Nuclear Equation of State
Roy Lemmon, STFC Daresbury

Recent experiments and result on the ESR
Yuri Litvinov, GSI

Advances in Nuclear Astrophysics
Gavin Lotay, University of Edinburgh

MYRRHA : building a high power proton accelerator driven system for nuclear research
Paul Schuurmans, SCK*CEN, Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems

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