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Programme - Tuesday 20 April

09:00(Invited) MYRRHA : building a high power proton accelerator driven system for nuclear research
Paul Schuurmans, SCK*CEN, Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems
09:30(Invited) Probing the Nuclear Equation of State
Roy Lemmon, STFC Daresbury
10:00(Invited) Effective theories of nuclear forces
Michael Birse, University of Manchester
11:00Evaluation of the Silicon Highly-segmented Array for Reactions and Coulex, SHARC performance and first radioactive beam experiments
Christian Aa Diget, University of York
Commissioning of the AGATA Demonstrator at LNL
Daniele Mengoni, University of the West of Scotland
Neutron vacancies ouside N=82 isotones
Alan Howard, University of Manchester
11:15Data Requirements for Space Radiation Protection
John Norbury, NASA Langley Research Center
Equation of State of Alpha Matter
S Misicu, National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Engineering
Investigating isomers around 200Os populated in projectile fragmentation
Michael Bowry, University of Surrey
11:30Evidence of non-termination of collective rotation near the maximum angular momentum in 75Rb
Paul Davies, York
The 17F(p,g)18Ne Resonant Cross Section
Kelly Chipps, University of York
Recoil Polarimetry with the Crystal Ball at MAMI
Mark Sikora, University of Edinburgh    
11:45Spectroscopy and lifetime measurements in 144Dy
Mark Procter, University of Manchester
A study of resonant states involved in breakout from the hot-CNO cycle using inelastic proton scattering of 21Na in inverse kinematics
Adam Tuff, The University of York
Study of dielectron system in heavy flavour production
Ravjeet Kour, University of Birmingham
12:00ELI, the Laser Nuclear Pillar in Bucharest, huge new oppurtunites for UK nuclear physics research in times of reduced funding
Klaus Spohr, University of the West of Scotland
Initial testing and Neutron response of a novel Phoswich detector intended for PARIS
Oliver Roberts, University of York
Single-neutron adding reactions outside the N=50 isotones
David Sharp, University of Manchester
12:15Depletion Region Dynamics of an AGATA Detector
Steven Moon, University of Liverpool
Search for Multiphonon Vibrations in 180Os
Nicola Lumley, University of Manchester
13:30Magnetic moment of the 57Cu (N=28) nucleus measured by in-gas-cell laser spectroscopy
Andrei Andreyev, University of the West of Scotland
Relative quadrupole moments of exotic shapes in 154Er
John Revill, University of Liverpool
Investigating the performance of two AGATA asymmetric HPGe detectors
Samantha Colosimo, University of Liverpool
13:45The exotic proton-rich 54Ni studied through two-neucleon knockout
Iain Paterson, University of York
Spectroscopy of 113Cs: Multiple high-spin rotational bands at the proton dripline
Paul Wady, University of the West of Scotland
Cross-shell excitations near the island of inversion: structure of 30Mg
Alick Deacon, University of Manchester
14:00SAGE spectrometer - The first results
Philippos Papadakis, University of Liverpool
Plunger measurements probing shape coexistence in neutron deficient Pt
Heidi Watkins, University of Liverpool
Measurement of the G Double Polarisation Observable in Pion Photoproduction
Josephine McAndrew, University of Edinbugh
14:15β− Decays from 194Re: Shape Evolution in Neutron-Rich Osmium Isotopes
Nawras Al-Dahan, Physics Department
Changes in Mn nuclear charge radii across the N=28 shell closure
Frances Charlwood, University of Manchester
Investigation of non-yrast structures in 220Ra and 222Th using Gammasphere with the evaporation residue counter HERCULES
Christopher Wilson, University of the West of Scotland
14:30The development of pure β-NQR techniques for nuclear structure studies
A Voss, University of Manchester / TRIUMF
Quasifree scattering reactions in inverse kinematics
Jon Taylor, University of Liverpool
Strong M1 components in 3-_i -> 3-_1 transitions in spherical nuclei - evidences for isovector octupole excitation
Marcus Scheck, University of Liverpool
14:45Alpha-Decay Studies of 172Au, 168Ir, and 164Re and Gamma-ray Spectroscopy of 172Au
Baharak Hadinia, University of the West of Scotland
Double Beta Tagging (DBT) as a new approach to the study of Tz = -1 nuclei: spectroscopy of the key rp-nucleus 62Ge
Helena David, University of Edinburgh
Identifying neutron rich nuclei using projectile fragmentation at GSI
Michael Bunce, University of Surrey
15:00Fragmentation reaction studies of high-spin isomeric states
Ana Maria Denis Bacelar, University of Brighton
A search for excited states in the deformed proton emitter 117La using the recoil proton-decay tagging method with Jurogam II, RITU and GREAT
Lee Angus, University of the West of Scotland
Structure assignment methods for K-isomers in N=150 nuclei
Edward Parr, University of Liverpool  
15:15A b decay study of proton drip-line nucleus 96Cd
Sreenivasa N Singh Bondili, University of York
Study of Excited States in 14C via the 4He(10Be,α)10Be Reaction
Jonathan Malcolm, University of Birmingham
Study of Shape Coexistence in Neutron Deficient Mercury Isotopes
Liam Gaffney, University of Liverpool
16:00Direct measurements of the 18F(p, α)15O cross section at low energies
James Brown, University of York
Coincidence Scanning of an Asymmetric AGATA Detector
Carl Unsworth, University of Liverpool
Laser spectroscopy of gallium and copper isotopes using ISCOOL
Bradley Cheal, The University of Manchester
16:15Measurement of Beta – proton emission from 20Mg, and the breakout from the hot CNO cycles
Jennifer Wallace, University of Edinburgh
Methodology development for analysis of in-beam AGATA data
Fay Filmer, University of Liverpool
Investigation of Single-Particle Structure in 26Na using the new SHARC Array
Gemma Wilson, University of Surrey
16:30High-K Structures in 162Dy and 164Er
Tom Swan, University of Surrey
AGATA demonstrator beam test: 32S + 110Pd fusion-evaporation reaction
Ryan Kempley, University of Surrey
The potential Landscape of Bimodal spontaneous fission
Aladdin Abdul-Latif, German University in Cairo
16:45Gamma-ray spectroscopy of excited states in the exotic proton-rich nucleus 158Ta
Robert Carroll, The University of Liverpool
Cross-talk in a Hamamatsu H9500 photomultiplier tube
Rachel Montgomery, Nuclear Physics Group, University of Glasgow
The LISA spectrometer
David O'Donnell, STFC Daresbury Laboratory
17:00IOP AGM
19:00Conference Dinner (buses depart at 18:45)

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