IOP Conferences

Programme - Wednesday 21 April

09:00(Invited) Recent results and plans for laser spectroscopic studies of nuclei
Paul Campbell, University of Manchester
09:30(Invited) Hadron Physics - Recent Results and Prospects
David Ireland, University of Glasgow
10:00(Invited) HIE-ISOLDE: Overview and scientific opportunities
David Jenkins, University of York
11:00An investigation of the performance of a coaxial HPGe detector operating in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) field
Laura Harkness, University of Liverpool
First measurement of the F Double Polarisation Observable with the Crystal Ball at MAMI
Pauline Hall-Barrientos, University of Edinburgh
11:15Resonances in 19Ne with relevance to the astrophysically important 18F(ρ, a) 15O reaction
David Mountford, University of Edinburgh
Strangeness photoproduction with the frozen spin target at jefferson lab
Stuart Fegan, University of Glasgow
11:30Band Termination and Beyond: Ultrahigh-spin spectroscopy studies of 159,160,161Er
Sarah Rigby, University of Liverpool
High Multiplicity proton-proton Events in the ALICE Experiment
Zoe Matthews, University of Birmingham
11:45A high-resolution study of the β decay of 94Pd
Timothy Brock, University of York
The astrophysical s-process and α-capture on 17O
Matthew Taggart, University of York, Department of Physics
12:00Evidence for the 7/2- intruder state in 27Ne
Simon Brown, University of Surrey
Time-dependent Green's Functions Approach to Nuclear Reactions
Arnau Rios Huguet, University of Surrey
12:15TASISpec: The Next Step in Superheavy Element Spectroscopy
Lise-Lotte Andersson, University of Liverpool
Proton recoil polarimetry in meson photoproduction
David Howdle, University of Glasgow
12:30Discovery of long-lived K isomers in neutron rich tantalum and hafnium isotopes using the Experimental Storage Ring at GSI
Matthew Reed, University of Surrey
Two proton knockout from carbon using linearly polarised photon
Jamie Robinson, University of Glasgow
12:45Investigation of N~Z nuclei in the mass 90 region
Harith Al-Azri, University of York
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERMES
Jennifer Bowles, University of Glasgow
14:00(Invited) Advances in  Explosive Nuclear astrophysics
Gavin Lotay, University of Edinburgh
14:30(Invited) Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions: Recent Results and Future Plans
Peter Jones, University of Birmingham
15:00Finish / Closing Remarks

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