IOP Conferences


P1Trap assisted gamma-ray spectroscopy in A=100 nuclei
Camino Rodriguez Triguero, University of Brighton
P2Jet properties from two-particle correlations at ALICE
Patrick Scott, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham
P3Measurement of 26Al (d,p) 27Si to inform the 26Al(p,g) 27Si reaction rate
Stephanie Brien, University of the West of Scotland
P4Gamma-ray spectroscopy of the rotational nucleus 160Er
Joseph Rees, University of Liverpool
P5Analysis of nucleon-nucleon interactions using effective field theory: extracting residual scattering strengths
Katherine Ipson, University of Manchester
P6Compton profile study of HgX2 compounds
Mahendra Singh Dhaka, Engineering College, Bikaner
P7Elemental composition analysis using Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA)
John McGrath, University of Liverpool
P8Compton imaging with the PorGamRays detector
Daniel Judson, University of Liverpool
P9Modelling the structure of beryllium isotopes using the simple harmonic oscillator and the Hückel method
Matthew Barr, University of Birmingham

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