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Programme overview

Monday 19 April

09:00Coffee / Registration
09:30Opening Remarks
Richard Kenway, Head of School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
09:45(Invited) Recent experiments and result on the ESR
Yuri Litvinov, GSI
11:00(Invited) Evidence for a new state in 12C
Martin Freer, University of Birmingham
11:30(Invited) Isomers and Deep inelastic reactions in the study of neutron rich deformed nuclei
George Dracoulis, Australian National University
13:00STFC Town Meeting
16:00(Invited) Plans for the Jefferson Lab
Larry Cardman, Jefferson Lab
16:40(Invited) Is Nuclear Physics Research Sexy?
Jim Al-Khalili, University of Surrey
17:10STFC summer school prize winner: Laser Spectroscopy using Optical Pumping Techniques
Richard Powis, University of Birmingham
17:25Posters, Exhibition and Drinks Reception

Tuesday 20 April

09:00(Invited) MYRRHA : building a high power proton accelerator driven system for nuclear research
Paul Schuurmans, SCK*CEN, Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems
09:30(Invited) Probing the Nuclear Equation of State
Roy Lemmon, STFC Daresbury
10:00(Invited) Effective theories of nuclear forces
Michael Birse, University of Manchester
11:00Parallel SessionParallel SessionParallel Session
13:30Parallel SessionParallel SessionParallel Session
16:00Parallel SessionParallel SessionParallel Session
17:00IOP AGM

Wednesday 21 April

09:00(Invited) Recent results and plans for laser spectroscopic studies of nuclei
Paul Campbell, University of Manchester
09:30(Invited) Hadron Physics - Recent Results and Prospects
David Ireland, University of Glasgow
10:00(Invited) HIE-ISOLDE: Overview and scientific opportunities
David Jenkins, University of York
11:00Parallel SessionParallel SessionParallel Session
14:00(Invited) Advances in Nuclear astrophysics
Gavin Lotay, University of Edinburgh
14:30(Invited) Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions: Recent Results and Future Plans
Peter Jones, University of Birmingham
15:00Finish / Closing Remarks

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